For over two decades IMX has been recognised as a developer of innovative and reliable solutions that are critical to the operation and success of our customers.

Accordingly, we design our Level 2* customer support offering to quickly respond and meet our customer’s needs, including direct telephone helpdesk support combined with web based issue logging and tracking.

IMX provides customers with real time support to quickly and effectively resolve any business critical impacts. All IMX products are supported using our web-based problem management to record issues and resolution times for subsequent management reporting. Customers and their staff are given access to the system to log Helpdesk issues which will be responded to and updated by IMX support professionals based in the UK, Australia and South Africa. By using a web-based support tool customers are able to monitor and receive notification of progress on all issues raised.

With all our clients we commit to a clear Service Level Agreement (SLA) which defines the response and resolution times for all levels of issues. Our support processes ensures that issues of varying severities are handled appropriately and in a timely fashion. Severity 1 “business critical” issues can be reported using our telephone based support where support professionals will answer your call. These individuals have extensive product knowledge with direct access to technical staff around the globe that can ensure the SLA time to resolution is adhered to and business impact is minimised.

We operate all levels of support services from 8 x 5 to 24 x 7 and will tailor our support service to meet our clients’ operational and financial needs.

*Level 2 is defined as interfacing directly with a client’s internal helpdesk staffed by trained, experienced technicians who interface directly with end users of the IMX systems.