The world’s leading banks & money service businesses rely on software & solutions from IMX Software

As the global leader in currency trading technology, IMX Software specialises in delivering software solutions to wholesale banknote dealers, retail foreign exchange and remittance operators. We also provide associated regulatory reporting automation to assist banks and other licensed FIs in submitting mandatory financial surveillance, KYC and anti-money laundering reports to central banks and financial intelligence units. Read more...

Our solutions are at work globally in major banking and money service organisations including American Express Foreign Exchange, ANZ Bank, Credit Suisse, Commerzbank, RBS Group, FOREX Bank, Moneycorp, Rand Merchant Bank, MoneyGram International, Thomas Cook and the Central Bank of Zambia.

For our wholesale clients we automate the processes that support the dealing, distribution and settlement of high value bank note and precious metal trades to the high standards demanded by banks and regulatory authorities. For our retail clients we automate the provision of foreign currency, remittances and pre-paid travel money cards via point-of-sale, online and mobile channels. For our regulatory reporting clients we automate the collection, validation and clarification processes to deliver the mandatory daily data submissions to central authorities.

IMX Software’s solutions improve operational performance for our banking and money service business clients through:

Retail FX, remittance & pre-paid automation

IMX offers a flexible, performant and internationally compliant range of point-of-sale, online and mobile sales and inventory management solutions for money service businesses, from the smaller Bureau de Change operators, to large travel and banking operations. Read more...

Regulatory compliance reporting automation

Building on its work with Banks and Money Service Businesses in highly regulated markets where mandatory, on-time reporting is a condition of the operating licence, IMX Software has deployed new regulatory reporting automation, covering the requirements of Central Bank Cross-Border Reporting and the newly-established UN Office on Drugs & Crime ‘goAML’ standard. Read more...

Wholesale banknote trading & distribution automation

IMX provides sophisticated software solutions for financial businesses engaged in the highly regulated, global wholesale trading and distribution of banknotes and precious metals. Read more...

International Payments Automation

Through its partnership with Cymonz, the cloud-based international payments (IP) platform, IMX is now able to fully support banks, money service businesses (MSBs) and other financial institutions looking to introduce, extend or refresh an IP offering and improve online engagement with personal and corporate clients. Read more...

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Al Baraka Bank launches GTS-Retail nationwide

Al Baraka Bank, the pioneer of Islamic banking in South Africa and a subsidiary of the international Al Baraka Banking Group B.S.C, has deployed IMX Software’s new generation foreign currency point-of-sale and trading compliance solution in all its branches across South Africa. A key requirement for Al Baraka was to efficiently manage foreign banknote availability […]

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P&O Ferries on-boards GTS across its UK fleet after extensive trials of online/offline capabilities

P&O Ferries, the leading cross channel ferry operator with the largest UK fleet of ships, has on-boarded IMX Software’s new generation foreign currency point-of-sale and trading compliance solution under a five-year managed services agreement. A key consideration for P&O was to be able to trade ‘offline’ while sailing and to reliably synchronise trading and reference […]

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Infinea acquires IMX Software to enhance global fintech portfolio

London, 16-10-18 Infinea Group, a diverse global technology and FinTech services group, today announced that it has completed the 100% acquisition of UK-based IMX Software Group in a deal that adds fintech and regtech products, and a list of long term, blue-chip banking and money service clients to its portfolio as well as adding established […]

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