Shopping when it suits your customers.

The GTS Reserve & Collect module allows you to add simple customer ordering and collection to your e-commerce suite. Designed to work seamlessly with GTS Retail or to be a standalone module, GTS Reserve & Collect can be deployed rapidly, so you can join the growing number of retailers for whom this is the fastest growing retail channel.

GTS Reserve & Collect is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that can easily be branded with your own images, your own distinct URL and linked to your SMTP service. Follow the journey below to see how within just a few clicks and with minimum input, customers can be placing orders from your website.


Simply select the currency from the drop down box and then enter the amount of foreign currency you would like or the amount of local currency you will like to spend. Orders get rounded to the nearest denomination of the foreign currency, stocked in your stores.

R&C 2

Select the store to collect from and the date, click on the opening hours to see when you can attend; if you select a date the store is not open, you will be prompted to change the date. Simply add contact details and agree to the T’s and C’s.

R&C 3

The confirmation screen, which is also emailed to the customer, confirms all the details and displays the phone number and business hours of that store, plus you can click on the link to the map for additional location information.

Just three simple screens and ordering has been completed. Although this is primarily aimed at currency, it can also be used for pre-paid cards or any other sundry items sold in your stores. This easy process gives greater stock control to the bureau, allows preparation of the customer order or using the reserve function in GTS Retail, allows the order to be fulfilled and settled quickly once the customer arrives at your bureau.

Expand your business reach by deploying GTS Reserve and Collect. Join the large institutions who are only too aware of the benefit of this channel.



  • Clean, modern and intuitive user interface
    1. Built upon latest web technologies
    2. Renders dynamically to suit tablet and smartphone devices
  • Upload/manage exchange rates
    1. Manually enter exchange rates
    2. Upload exchange rate file
  • Fully white-labelled
    1. Company logo
    2. Background colours
    3. Font colours and size
    4. Button colours
  • Configure multiple products
  • Configure order limits
  • Configure email recipients to receive confirmation emails when customer places reservations
  • Customer sent confirmation email
    1. These emails can also be manually sent again to the customer
    2. Specify footer text of email, e.g. terms and conditions
  • View reservations from back office module
    1. Capture value redeemed
    2. View reservation details
  • View customer details
    1. Track repeat customers, reservations redeemed, contact details (telephone and email address)
  • Set rounding rules per currency, e.g. EUR amount rounds to the nearest 10, USD rounds to the nearest 5 etc.
  • Upload branches/collection points
    1. Specify branch address details
    2. Branch map coordinates (link to map for branch displayed on confirmation screen)
    3. Specify branch opening times
  • Seamlessly integrates with GTS Retails
    1. Orders directly sent to GTS Retail POS system
    2. Branches can see orders coming through
    3. Orders fulfilled from branch inventory, reduce distribution costs
    4. Better customer experience, e.g. no rekeying.
  • Order files can be produced for upload into any 3rd-party system
    1. For those that don’t have GTS Retail POS system
  • Can be translated in any language
GTS Reserve & Collect Datasheet