Global Trading System – a new generation trading and inventory management solution from IMX Software for global wholesale banknote and precious metal traders, retail currency exchange businesses and travel money providers.

IMX’s Global Trading System, GTS, is a suite of integrated software modules that delivers greater process efficiencies for any organisation involved in trading, distribution, branch retailing and online sales of foreign currency and precious metal products. Banknotes, prepaid cards, traveller’s cheques, international payments and precious metals are all handled by GTS, and additional user-defined products, whether serialised or non-serialised, are easily configured.

GTS has been designed from first principles as a modular solution comprising six interoperable modules sharing a common database and business logic to improve cross-functional performance, reduce integration overheads and support centralised management reporting.

The GTS application modules support the automation of specific business processes involved in the sourcing, supply logistics, inventory management, global trading and distribution of physical stock, as well as reporting across business activities and extending the platform to mobile devices.

GTS comprises six interoperable modules on a single platform, all sharing a common database and business logic.

Four of the modules focus on automating specific business processes, one provides valuable analytics across all these modules and the final module allows GTS applications to be extended through the use of smartphones and tablets.

Download GTS product brochures:

GTS Product Brochure (English)
GTS Product Brochure (Spanish)