IMX has a long history of supplying consulting and delivery services to support complex, long term customer projects.

The business analysis, project management, development and test resource requirements of a client project are always carefully assessed up-front to clearly define roles & responsibilities, resource skill requirements and the compliance demands of the overall programme. This allows us to align and manage budget and resourcing constraints whilst delivering a high quality, on time programme to our client.

IMX operates a straightforward agile development process designed to fit flexibly within the stringent programme management processes of a large bank:

  • Analyse the customer’s requirements and produce an agreed reference specification
  • Design the requirements to enhance the standard GTS system
  • Develop the code and infrastructure in pre-defined ‘sprints’
  • Test the output of  each ‘sprint’ against the agreed specification

The simplicity of this process allows the customer deliverables, and not the process itself, to be the focus of activity.  However, this process can be tuned to meet the type of project and customer.  It can be operated sequentially, where all elements are completed before moving to the next stage, or in a parallel fashion where initial requirements are passed through the process whilst others are captured.  The latter approach is ‘Agile’ and allows for faster completion and enables customers to alter priorities and requirements as the project progresses.  Agile allows changes to the development but without significantly increasing the project risk.