IMX software products are continuously evolving, crafted specifically to meet the specialist needs of banks and money service businesses.

We provide complete, tailored solutions based on proven product components to encompass front and back office, e-commerce, mobile, settlement and central bank reporting applications for financial businesses.

Our solutions and expertise meet specialist requirements in the following domains:

Wholesale banknote trading and distribution automation

IMX provides sophisticated software solutions for financial businesses engaged in the global wholesale trading and distribution of banknotes and precious metals. Our integrated platform streamlines front, middle and back office trading and vault operations for banknotes and precious metals

Retail FX, remittance and travel card automation

IMX offers a flexible range of point-of-sale, online and mobile sales and inventory management solutions for money service businesses, from the smaller Bureau de Change operators, to large travel and bank branch operations. Our retail solutions support stringent Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations across many countries and include fast, efficient reporting and alerting capabilities and real-time suspicious activity reporting against individual transactions.

Regulatory compliance reporting automation

IMX works closely with Central Banks and Financial Intelligence Units in selected global markets to analyse planned changes to mandated reporting requirements and implement those changes in our automation solutions to ensure our clients receive compliant updates in a timely manner, allowing testing, training and deployment to take place within mandated CB/FIU timeframes.

International payments automation

Through its partnership with Cymonz, the cloud-based international payments (IP) platform, IMX is now able to fully support banks, money service businesses (MSBs) and other financial institutions looking to introduce, extend or refresh an IP offering and improve online engagement with personal and corporate clients. Read more…