Brad Mitri, Chief Executive Officer

Brad-MitriBrad was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the IMX Group on the 1st of April 2021. His experience brings a combination of a Silicon Valley startup energy with a highly accountable management ethos, along with 15 years of experience in various leadership roles.

Prior to joining IMX, Brad was involved in several technology endeavours ranging from cryptocurrency, Blockchain and other FinTech technologies (from 2010) through to software application development and ecommerce.


David Sanders, Chief Commercial Officer

David has almost 19 years’ experience in Payments with a specific background in business and product development in the issuance of Debit and Pre-paid Debit cards. His key strengths are strategic business development with a proven track record of working within and being part of successful start-up businesses in the UK and Southern Africa.

Prior to joining IMX, David was involved in providing payment solutions to Banks, Retailers and Third-Party Processors across the UK and Europe.

Having joined IMX in July 2019, David was appointed Commercial Director in May 2021.

Earlier in his career, David was a fully qualified Agricultural Agronomist.

Rob Stansell, Managing Director IMX South Africa

Rob Stansell (B.Sc. Hons) is Managing Director of IMX Software SA. Rob has over 30 years in application systems delivery, 13 in project management, 17 in software sales and business management. Rob joined the company in 1992 and is responsible for overall business and financial management as well as sales and marketing.