Real-time reporting and dashboards

The GTS Analytics module provides a powerful reporting and analytics service that enables retail forex organisations and wholesale banknote traders to gain near real-time* insight into their business performance. The service provides greater insight into key business metrics, promoting more informed decision making, and supports a wide range of operations from small regional branch networks to a global businesses with hundreds of branches.

GTS Analytics is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that presents easily accessible live data on real-time dashboards and graphical reports to provide organisations with a visual representation of the trends in their businesses. Our operational dashboards allow organizations to monitor live performance and measure key metrics against KPIs, while our analytics dashboards allow businesses to gain insights from data collected over time, allowing them to set targets for the future.

Delivering real time business insight directly to your mobile or tablet

The dashboards provide useful insight, information and support to all audiences, from business owners, executives, directors and regional managers, through to front-line cashier staff. The service allows the organisation to control access across these audiences and limit users to specific dashboards.

The dashboards and reports can be viewed on mobile devices (BlackBerry, Apple iOS and Android), tablets, desktop computers, and wall-mounted TVs and big boards.

The service can source data from IMX Software’s leading retail applications as well as third-party point-of-sale solutions. This data is presented in a rich visual format – our widgets include 15 different visualisation types such as bar and line graphs, pie charts, tables, gauges, scatter and bubble charts and maps – to communicate near real time information on retail forex performance in an easy-to-view format that has maximum impact on the dashboard.

IMX Software has a number of pre-built widgets, covering turnover, profit, transaction counts, current and historical stock positions and cashier performance. The retail service includes dashboards and widgets such as an executive dashboard for a management audience and sales and inventory dashboards for front- and back-office staff. The wholesale offering includes metrics on cash centre productivity such as the number of orders processed, performance vs. cash centre efficiency measures and cumulative trading desk deal data. In addition, IMX Software can also develop custom dashboards and widgets for businesses with unique requirements, and dashboards can be branded with the client company’s logo.

Visual performance indicators drive effective decision-making and communications

Visual indicators can be configured to appear when a key metrics are met, or when they drop below a certain threshold, flagging issues which require immediate attention. These visualisations inspire actions that help managers to quickly capitalise on emerging opportunities and to address developing problems in their early stages.

Entire dashboards or individual widgets can be shared with others through scheduled emails, or they can be downloaded as images (PNG or JPG), or as a PDF. The raw data behind the widget can also be downloaded in Excel format. There is even the ability to embed individual widgets in a company website or private intranet.

Other benefits of GTS Analytics include:

  • Setting and tracking of KPIs for employees such as sales representatives.
  • Continual identification of operational efficiencies and inefficiencies.
  • Reduction of time and effort spent in manual extraction, collation, and presentation of data from static sources.
  • Easy comparison of current values to historical values.
  • Simple sharing of data and insights across the business.

* Transaction data can take up to 5 mins from deal capture to display in the dashboard

Download GTS product brochures:

GTS Product Brochure (English)
GTS Product Brochure (Spanish)
GTS Analytics Datasheet