IMX KYNETIX provides you with a scalable suite of modular capabilities to ensure you meet your compliance requirements across the full customer lifecycle, using a risk-based approach to help you combat money laundering.

Preventing money-laundering requires performing the right checks at the right time and we deliver this by conducting real-time risk and sanctions/PEP assessments for faster, evidence-based decision making, enhancing both customer experience and company performance.

Taking advantage of our expertise in the financial services field we’ve built a comprehensive suite of capabilities that are able to meet your requirements on a global and local basis.

Working with the relevant regulatory bodies as well as key strategic partners we’ve adopted an iterative and dynamic approach to the changing regulatory landscape, removing the burden of interpreting complex technical requirements.

With the highly configurable suite we help you become self-sufficient, managing your risk appetite based on your unique business needs.

With IMX KYNETIX you can adhere to all compliance requirements while maintaining existing processes through our client-driven data structures.

We work with you to architect compliance solutions so you can achieve your business goals and avoid the financial and reputational cost of penalties.

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