Feeds exchange rates directly to an in-branch plasma/LED screen

The GTS Rate Board extension to the GTS Retail module feeds exchange rates directly to an in-branch plasma/LED screen for display purposes and to aid in-branch marketing. Improving upon proprietary LED rate boards, GTS Rate Board gives much more flexibility when it comes to updating exchange rates, with updates occurring in real-time, as well as presenting opportunities for marketing additional services or products via graphical advertisements.

GTS Rate Board can be used to display live FX rates in places such as Banks, Bureau de Change, Travel Agents and supermarkets. Key features of GTS Rate Board include:

  • Rates can be displayed in static or scrolling formats (or both)
  • Individual branches can display specific rates (static, scrolling or both)
  • Text can be customised for each branch
  • Rate boards can be displayed in either portrait or landscape orientation
  • Static or animated images and video can be placed on the rate board to promote additional products and services
  • Rates can be updated in real-time via back office administration tools
  • Rates and rate types can be displayed for specific products (e.g. FX Sell, FX Buy, TC Sell, TC Buy)

To view a demo of GTS Rate Board, which are displayed on plasma screens, please email info@imxsoftware.com.

Download GTS product brochures:

GTS Product Brochure (English)
GTS Product Brochure (Spanish)