Infinea Group acquired IMX Software in October 2018. Infinea is a technology company that blends together several brands in Software, Aerospace technology, Payments, and Services into one organisation that seeks to solve customer problems on a global scale.

Infinea has expanded through organic, JV, and acquisition, and will continue to grow across all of its brands with a goal of building a global multi-market technology organisation that designs, builds, and supports our own software, and industry leading software that solves problems with micro-services and weekly innovation releases.

Infinea has a globally strong executive leadership that spans corporate main brands, aerospace, and startups. Infinea senior executives are alumni of companies such as Visa, Mastercard, Microsoft, IBM, VMWare, Dell EMC, Wirecard, ABSA, Investec, Cisco, RMB/FNB, SAS, SAP, Merrill Lynch, and Reuters. Infinea Group is jointly owned by management and a private wealth investment fund.