IMX Software’s leading GTS-Retail foreign currency, remittance and pre-paid card point-of-sale solution now integrates fully with IRS document readers for the automated scanning of various document types with ID capture enabling the search, retrieval and automatic population of customer data directly into GTS-Retail, without cashier intervention.

Established in The Netherlands, IRS is a pioneer in the field of document security with an extensive online banknotes and identity documents reference database. IRS solutions are not only used by forensic experts, but are also deployed in everyday commercial and retail applications requiring mandatory ID capture.

The document reader is a small footprint scanner for desktop use, connected to the PC via a USB cable. Reliable, convenient and easy-to-use, the reader supports text data recognition, Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) scanning of passports as well as barcodes, whilst determining the validity of a document by checking its security features.

The integration with GTS-Retail works as follows; whilst in the GTS Retail deal screen, the document can be inserted into the scanner at any time. GTS will capture all the text information from the document, as well as an image of the document, which is stored against the customer profile.

GTS will then determine if the customer already exists in the database, and if so, it will retrieve the customer’s profile. If the customer does not exist, it will then create a new customer profile and pre-populate customer and identification fields with the information from the document.

An image of the entire document will be saved against the customer’s profile and the document will be verified via its security features, which requires a subscription to the IRS documents database.

All customer profiles and scanned document images can be accessed via any branch in the network and centrally from the back office. In addition, the cashier will be alerted if a customer document is nearing expiry or has expired.

Marijan Miocic, IMX Software’s Product Director commented; “With this integration we expect to significantly speed up transaction processing times via the elimination of manual keying with a resulting improvement in data accuracy. It will also significantly reduce duplication of customer information and, of course, we expect our clients will see a reduction in fraud risk from fake identity documents, as well as staying ahead of increasingly stringent regulatory compliance requirements. In addition, combined with our recently announced ComplyAdvantage integration, our clients can automate sanctions and PEP checks within this scanning workflow.”

About IRS

Established in The Netherlands, IRS is a pioneer in the field of document security with their extensive online banknote and identity document reference databases. Its solutions are not only used by forensic experts using all detailed security information but also in day to day trade in the commercial and retail environment. For more information: