IMX Software, part of the Holley Holland group, has announced the completion of two multi-year contracts for two U.S. banks for the submission of the FRY14A CCAR submission, who both used the tool for the recent April period.

Both banks submitted prior to the deadline date and neither had to make any resubmissions as IMX had added all the latest validations from the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB). Both clients commented on the excellent support they received from our delivery partner, Holley Holland, and the speed of turnaround of any new requirements was measured at under four hours.

stressrep™ continues to get built out as new features are added to improve the usefulness of the tool including re-consumption of data within the banks own environments, analytics, and annotations. The current tool allows submission of CCAR & DFAST modules including the BPC.
There are several other banks reviewing the use of stressrep™ as their key reporting tool as it becomes the dominant application in the market place for reliability, usability and affordability.