The new GTS Reserve & Collect solution from IMX Software enables retail currency exchange businesses and travel money providers to allow their customers to order currency online for collection from a branch. IMX Software is the global leader in banknote trading and travel money technology solutions.

A standalone module of Global Trading System (GTS) – a new generation trading and inventory management solution for banknote, travel money and precious metal traders – GTS Reserve & Collect allows forex bureaus to expand their order channels, improve efficiencies and enhance customer experience.

Customers order their travel money in a simple three-step process – choosing products and currencies, entering customer details and selecting a branch for pickup. A confirmation email is sent to the customer and to staff at the travel money retailer.  In the confirmation email is a link to a map of the branch nominated for collection, along with its operating days and times. The settlement for the reservation is completed in the branch on collection.

Customers benefit from the convenience of pre-ordering currency from a branch. The travel money provider, meanwhile, can easily use branch stock for order fulfilment, rather than fulfilling and dispatching from a central vault. This, in turn, reduces processing and shipping costs. In addition, the software allows travel money businesses to build their database of customers as well as capture sales by enticing customers through their digital marketing campaigns to reserve currency.

Users of the GTS Solution benefit from seamless integration between the Reserve & Collect module and the GTS point of sale (POS) software. Reservations are relayed directly to GTS POS, eliminating the need to manually rekey the order and customer details.

GTS Reserve & Collect can also be deployed as a standalone solution, with orders uploaded to non-IMX POS or back-office systems. The customer-facing website is branded with the money trader’s look and feel.

The software is a hosted solution. It includes a back-office module that allows internal users to view reservations and customers in detail; regenerate order files; configure collection branches, contact details and operating days and times; manage emails and email recipients; and manage exchange rates and reservation value limits.