Tuxedo Money Solutions, a leading payment technology and prepaid card provider, has partnered with IMX Software to deliver a prepaid travel card solution for holiday specialist Dawson and Sanderson.

Dawson & Sanderson commissioned Tuxedo to deliver the Escape Travel Money Prepaid MasterCard© Card programme across 22 stores. Working in partnership with Dawson and Sanderson’s existing foreign exchange platform provider, IMX Software, Tuxedo has integrated its own eccount® platform, to deliver a seamless user experience for ordering and loading travel cards.

Benefits for Dawson and Sanderson include a streamlined sales process; the ability to offer customers a simple, safe and cost-effective way to manage overseas spending; and the generation of a new revenue stream through attractive commission payments.

The new programme eliminates the need to input customer information multiple times, creating a single basket transaction process. It makes the process of selling a prepaid card as quick and as simple as selling currency.

Ian Clough, FX Director of Dawson and Sanderson, says: “The Escape Travel Cards have been well received among our customers. Following the initial success of the Escape Travel Card, I anticipate a 400% increase in sales in the next 12 months, providing a healthy income stream for the business.”

John Sharman, CEO of Tuxedo, adds: “By integrating our platform with IMX Software’s foreign exchange platform, we have not only been able to deliver a seamless solution for Ian and his team, but we hope to roll this out to other users of IMX’s solutions.”

“It was a pleasure to work together with Tuxedo on behalf of Dawson and Sanderson.  I believe this will be the start of a long partnership with Tuxedo that will see us jointly deliver similar solutions for many other clients in the future,” says Marcus Custance, Sales Director, IMX Software.