IMX Software, the global leader in banknote trading and travel money technology solutions, has announced that a major multinational client has extended the deployment of the banknote trading and cash centre modules of its new IMX Global Trading System (GTS) to a second market within 12 months following a highly successful primary deployment.

The client is a global travel money provider that manages banknote trades valued at many hundreds of millions of dollars each year. The new IMX-hosted solution replaces a legacy system incapable of supporting the organisation’s operational growth and compliance needs.

GTS will provide the travel money provider with a standards-based, future-proof system that will enable it to meet the demands of regulators, improve efficiency and productivity as well as enhance organisational agility in terms of implementing change programmes at lower cost.

This second deployment is part of a multi-year systems change project which commenced in 2010 with GTS Cash Centre to manage foreign banknote inventory and order processing across multiple cash centres worldwide.

Overall the project took 36 months to complete due to the complexity of requirements to streamline operations and increase order processing capacity, as well as the rigorous testing needed to mitigate the risks inherent in replacing an operational system supporting significant daily banknote trade volumes and many blue-chip retail clients on two continents.

IMX CEO Bill Tickner commented: “We are very pleased to make this announcement of a successful GTS delivery project, completed early and on budget, and to be recognised by our client as a valuable partner in the delivery of business automation and compliance solutions in a sector with increasingly high levels of regulatory sensitivity.”