IMX Software, the global leader in banknote trading and travel money technology solutions, is developing rich mobile functionality for its Global Trading System (GTS) that will empower travel money providers to interact and transact with customers on their smartphones.

GTS Mobile extends the retail and e-commerce capabilities built into the GTS platform into the worlds of smartphones and tablet apps. Travel money brands will be able to communicate with customers and offer them access to a bouquet of travel money services and information wherever they are.

Says Marijan Miocic, Product Manager at IMX Software: “Today’s consumers and professionals expect access to a consistent customer experience and services whether they are at a PC, a branch or using a smart device. By integrating the smartphone fully into the retail consumer experience, travel money providers will be able to introduce an additional sales channel, create competitive advantage, increase brand awareness and encourage loyalty, a commodity often missing in the forex market.

“Travel money providers will now be able to reach their customers with marketing programmes and brand reinforcement wherever they are. GTS Mobile enables our clients to maximise repeat business by providing a differentiated user experience that delivers convenience on-the-go to their customers.”

The new module will, in particular, allow travel money providers to engage with customers, such as regular business travellers, who need reliable access to money services and information as they pass through major international travel hubs, such as airports and Eurostar terminals.

The module will allow travel money companies to use the screen’s real estate to its full potential as a communications and brand platform. It will support pre-ordering of currency and include location-based features such as proximity alerts when users are near branches as well as marketing messages and promotions tailored to a users’ geographical context. Through its back-end integration with IMX’s GTS platform, the mobile module will support ‘reserve and collect’ at branch level. IMX is currently working with a new major client to deploy an integrated mobile pilot by mid-2013.

GTS is a suite of integrated software modules that delivers greater process efficiencies for any organisation involved in trading, distribution, branch retailing and online sales of foreign currency and precious metal products. It supports the automation of business processes from sourcing, supply logistics, and inventory management, through to global trading and distribution of physical stock as well as reporting across business activities.