The world’s leading banks & money service businesses rely on software & solutions from IMX Software

As the global leader in currency trading technology, IMX Software specialises in delivering software solutions to wholesale banknote dealers, retail foreign exchange and remittance operators. We also provide solutions to assist banks mandated to submit annual, quarterly and monthly Stress Tests results required for Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) Reporting. Read more...

Our solutions are at work globally in major banking and money service organisations including American Express, ANZ Bank, Bank of America, Credit Suisse, Commerzbank, RBS Group, HSBC Group, Moneycorp, Rand Merchant Bank, Jyske Bank and the Australian Post Office.

For our wholesale clients we automate the processes that support the dealing, distribution and settlement of high value bank note and precious metal trades to the high standards demanded by banks and regulatory authorities. For our retail clients we automate the provision of foreign currency, remittances and travel money cards via point-of-sale, online and mobile channels. For our stress testing clients we improve the process of collecting, validating, proofing and submitting stress data to central banks on a regular basis.

IMX Software’s solutions improve operational performance for our banking and money service business clients through:

Wholesale banknote trading & distribution automation

IMX provides sophisticated software solutions for financial businesses engaged in the highly regulated, global wholesale trading and distribution of banknotes and precious metals. Read more...

Retail FX, remittance & travel card automation

IMX offers a flexible, performant and internationally compliant range of point-of-sale, online and mobile sales and inventory management solutions for money service businesses, from the smaller Bureau de Change operators, to large travel and banking operations. Read more...

Stress testing reporting automation

IMX provides the stressrep™ toolset created to help US banks cost-effectively meet their obligations for Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) and Dodds-Frank Act Stress Test (DFAST) Reporting. Read more...

Regulatory compliance reporting automation

Through its work with Banks and Money Service Businesses in highly regulated markets, IMX Software has developed new regulatory reporting offerings, covering the requirements of Central Bank Cross-Border Reporting and the newly-established UN Office on Drugs & Crime ‘goAML’ standard. Read more...

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IMX solution streamlines forex regulatory reporting for banks in Common Monetary Area

IMX Software has developed functionality for its GTS Retail solution that streamlines regulatory reporting for financial institutions in southern Africa dealing in foreign exchange. The compliance software enables banks, retail forex bureaus and remittance providers in the Common Monetary Area (CMA) to easily comply with the reporting requirements of their countries’ Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) […]

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IMX Software announces strategic international payments tie-up with Cymonz

Following high levels of demand from its foreign currency trading client base in Europe, South Africa and Australia, IMX has announced a strategic relationship with leading International Payments Platform (IPP) provider Cymonz of New Zealand. IMX Software announced today that it has agreed terms with Cymonz Ltd to take its industry leading International Payments Platform […]

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IMX Software announces successful annual retail client conference in London

IMX Software is pleased to announce that participation at this year’s retail client conference was well ahead of expectations, with representatives from major international retail and wholesale money service providers as well as several industry partners that contribute to its market-leading, end-to-end travel money technology solutions, including a new International Payments Platform partnership. Held at […]

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